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Hi, I'm Ty !

I’m a Singapore-based frontend developer currently building Flyright. I love crafting delightful experiences for the web and native apps.

React Development

At the Udacity React Nanodegree program, I gained experience in React, Redux and React Native development. I deployed these skills to build Flyright, a travel preparation app launched on iOS and the web.


An app that gives you key pre-travel info in 6 taps or less.
React + Native Development
UI/UX Design
Visual Design

Product Design

While living in Beijing and working at 今日头条, the biggest news app in China, I helped craft a new product suited for the US market. At Polity, I designed an experience that made government information accessible and contextual.

今日头条 | Toutiao
UI/UX redesign for flagship foreign news aggregator.
UI/UX Design
Product Management
An app that gives you simple, neutral access to government info.
UI/UX Design
Visual Design
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Let's work together!

I would love to meet over coffee or teh peng and discuss the possibilities.